Our offers and rates

Here you can find all our offers and their prices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service (Tel: +41 44 544 05 30)!

Fare / Subscriptions

For beginners and the spontaneous:
Basic Price

25 cents per minute
Discounts for large packages

Buy one of the minute packages via the app - you will be charged per minute during which the booking is in progress.

20min   5.-
100min +5min free 25.-
200min +15min free 50.-
400min +40min free 100.-
800min    +120min free             200.-

For occasional riders:
the carefree subscription «Easy»

44 francs per month or
444 francs per year

Drivers on our carefree subscription will receive a 10-minute daily top-up. Here you can find more information about the monthly and annual subscription.

For frequent drivers:
the power subscription «Premium»

77 francs per month or
777 francs per year

Drivers on our power subscription will receive a 45-minute daily top-up. Here you can find more information about the monthly and annual subscription.

Option PLUS: max. speed up to 45kph

Since we have launched smide the bikes ride with a pedal support of up to a maximum speed of 35kmph. The speed reduction was initially agreed with the city of Zurich for safety reasons. Since we had only very few accidents so far, we can now unlock the bikes up to 45kmph. The PLUS option is available for 22 francs / month.

Contact our customer support to unlock the Option Plus. You can find more details on our subscription plans here.

Day tickets

Day tickets (24h)

CHF 40

A day ticket gives you a 24-hour usage with one of our smide e-bikes, at 45 km/h. To prevent the hassle of closing the booking or changing your e-bike, we allow you to keep the e-bike in the 24-hour period. However, please be sure to lock your e-bike when it is not in use to prevent others from using your bike. Please buy your day ticket directly in the app.

Free minutes

Check below for ways to get free minutes at smide!

Bonus Zones

If you finish your ride in one of bonus-zones (orange circles in the app), you will receive from 5,10, or 15 minutes for free! Check your app for bonus zone locations, as some may have changed. If you are unable to locate it on your app, please contact our Customer Support.

Charging Stations

Help us to ensure that the smide e-bikes always have enough power and drop your e-bikes off at a charging station! They are marked as orange flash pins in the app. Connecting a smide e-bike to a charging station, gives you 5, 10, or 15 minutes for free! Please follow the instructions on the charging box.


Tell your friends about smide and send them a download link of the app (in the «Invite Friends» menu). As soon as your friends purchase their first package of minutes, you both will be rewarded with 10 minutes. You can invite as many friends as you like.


We regularly do special offers where you can earn free minutes. Participating shops and companies can also give their guests, employees, or customers minute vouchers. Enter the code in the menu under «Redeem voucher» and the minutes will be credited to your account.

Business subscriptions

With a business subscription, you can offer your company access to the wide array of e-bikes at smide. We can customize your subscription needs anywhere from an entire workforce to a selected group of people. More information can be found in the section Business Customers or by contacting us directly via our Customer Support.